Fire Safe

The online Total Security Store is committed to assisting clients to protect their valuable jewelry, firearms, money and important documents by providing a wide range of safes for residential or office and business use. Total Security Store suggests that safety and peace of mind is of paramount importance and the installing of a fire safe is a wise decision. Total Security Store is able to offer a fire safe with major brand name warranties and the confidence that virtually no one will be able to break into the safe and the contents will be undamaged should there be a fire.

Visitors to the Total Security Store will find the site easily navigable and they can shop for a fire safe by category and brand name. Total Security Store screens every range of product it offers and takes pride in providing a variety of fire safe products that are made of the highest quality materials and the most technologically-advanced manufacturing processes.

Clients looking to purchase a reliable and durable fire safe from the online Total Security Store may order with the complete confidence that their transaction will be private, secure and easy. Total Security Store uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect the client's personal information. The affordability of a fire safe purchased from the Total Security Store is beyond question and the company suggests that it can provide a fire safe, gun safe or a wall safe that is perfectly suited to all needs and budgets.

Clients purchasing a fire safe from Total Security Store will note that no shipping charges are added to the cost of delivery to most parts of the continental USA, although additional charges may be applied should clients live in remote areas, island or toll bridge access areas. Clients are invited to contact customer service representatives with any queries or concerns about a particular fire safe or delivery dates. Return policies for obviously damaged in-transit goods are set out on the site and Total Security Store urges clients to inspect fire safe packages at the time of delivery.

Total Security Store carries a wide selection of fire safe products and the insulating material will depend upon the make and use. Visitors to the site make care to check out the Protex HD-23 Fire Resistant Burglary Safe. Total Security Store advises that this fire safe weighs 50 pounds and has a 0.76 cubic feet capacity. It features 30 minute fire protection, a 2 ½" thick solid steel door, electronic keypad, one user code (1-10 digits), concealed hinges for added security and a clean line appearance. The fire safe is battery operated and 4 AA batteries are included. Total Security indicates that the fire safe has a power override feature (power override box included) and a mechanical key override and 2 keys are included. The interior is velvet lined to protect special jewelry boxes and valuable documentation from scratching and scuff marks. This fire safe is an exceptional choice for homes, small offices and RVs.