Fireproof Safe

Total Security Store takes pride in offering fireproof safe products that provide users with the confidence that they are virtually intruder-proof and the contents are protected in case of fire. Total Security Store suggests that safety and peace of mind is of utmost importance to the majority of people and the installing of a fireproof safe is a decision which brings relief from anxiety and stress. Total Security Store is able to offer a wide selection of brand name fireproof safe products with manufacturer warranties. The online Total Security Store mission is to assist clients in protecting their valuable jewelry, firearms, money and important documents by providing a wide range of fireproof safe items for residential or office and business use.

Visitors to the Total Security Store will find a user-friendly site and they can shop for a fireproof safe by category and brand name. Total Security Store screens all products it offers and takes care in the provision of a variety of fireproof safe items that are made of the highest quality materials and the most technologically-advanced manufacturing processes. Each fireproof safe has been accurately photographed with comprehensive details beneath the image.

Total Security Store offers amazingly affordable fireproof safe products and indicates that it can provide a fireproof safe to suit every requirement and budget. Clients wishing to order a fireproof safe from Total Security Store may do so with the confidence that the site is completely safe and secure and personal information is protected by SSL technology. No shipping charges are added to the cost of a fireproof safe for most parts of the USA, although additional charges may be applied should clients live in remote areas, island or toll bridge access areas. Clients are welcome to contact customer service representatives should they have any queries about a particular fireproof safe or concerns about delivery times. Return policies for obviously damaged in-transit goods are set out on the site and Total Security Store urges clients to inspect fireproof safe packages at the time of delivery.

Total Security Store indicates that the insulating material of a fireproof safe varies with each brand. Visitors searching the site for a fireproof safe may like to consider the exceptional Cobalt SS-031D or ES-031D Home fireproof safe. The features of the fireproof safe include KSG fire tested and rated for 1 hour at a temperature of 1500 degree F capability. Total Security Store indicates that the fireproof safe has large black and white dials with high security dimple key locks and an imported electronic keypad. The door is 1 ½" thick with a stationary hinge side bolt. Walls are 1 ½" thick and inside a 1 7/8" deep removable tray provides extra storage. The weight of the fireproof safe is 132 pounds and the capacity is 1.4 cubic feet. Total Security Store advises that the product has a lifetime fire warranty and a 5 year warranty. Cobalt uses the services of both UPS Freight and R & L Carriers for all LTL shipments.