Security Safe

The mission of the online Total Security Store is to assist clients in keeping their homes and families secure by providing an affordable security safe which features easy access to belongings when necessary and keeps out unwanted intruders. Total Security Store offers exceptionally affordable security safe products and boasts an inventory that will cater to every requirement and budget. From time to time Total Security Store advertises special sales and clients are invited to visit the site regularly to see if they can save even more money on their purchases.

Total Security Store advises clients that today there is no such thing as being "too safe" and the online shopping store offers a wide and varied selection of security safe products to allow clients to store away their valuables, documentation, jewelry, personal electronic devices and even medicines. Total Security Store indicates that small children in the home can be protected from their own curiosity by placing potentially harmful medication in a reliable security safe.

Visitors to the Total Security Store online site will find it user-friendly and they can shop for a security safe by following the simple links. Total Security Store screens all products it offers and takes selective care in the provision of a variety of brand name security safe products that are fabricated from the highest quality materials and the most technologically-advanced manufacturing processes. Each security safe has been accurately photographed and carries comprehensive details beneath the image.

Shopping for a security safe on the Total Security Store site is absolutely safe and clients' confidential and private details are protected by SSL technology. Shipping is free to most parts of the continental USA, although additional charges may be applied should clients live in remote areas, islands or toll bridge access areas. Clients may contact the Total Security Store and speak to a product-knowledgeable customer service representative if they have queries about a security safe and/or delivery times. Return policies for obviously damaged in-transit goods are set out on the site and Total Security Store urges clients to inspect the security safe at the time of delivery.

Total Security Store suggests that retrieving valuable jewelry or documentation from a safe deposit box at the bank can sometimes be a highly inconvenient and time-consuming process. Clients may safely take matters of secure storage into their own hands by purchasing a security safe to be kept in their own homes or offices. The online Total Security Store provides strong security safes, such as the Honeywell small steel security safe 5101 and 5102, which feature digital locks with emergency override keys. The security safe has concealed hinges for added security, recessed doors with 2 live locking bolts and the interiors are carpeted. Mounting kits and 4 AA batteries are included.

Total Security Store also offers the Cobalt HOSP-01 heavy duty steel security safe with Import Digital keypad with 26 digit reprogrammable combinations. Total Security Store indicates that this security safe has full length locking bars to deter attacks on hinges.