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Socal Shipping Information

Shipping is included to all our Continental U.S. customers (Alaska and Hawaii customers please contact us for shipping costs before placing order).

Products usually ship withing 5-7 business days, delivery time will be an additional 2-8 business days

CURBSIDE: safe is lowered to ground or left on a loading dock. Customer is responsible for final movement of goods, unpack (including pallet) and debris removal

IMPORTANT INSPECTION FOR DAMAGE PROCESS: The freight carrier provides either dock or curbside delivery based upon delivery location. Curbside delivery is defined as delivery of the freight as close to the actual delivery address as possible. Please remember the size of the tractor trailer and certain safety precautions may prevent the freight carrier from delivering at the actual curb or delivery address. Lift-gate service is standard on all deliveries at no additional charge. The freight carrier is not responsible for inside delivery of freight. <strong>All freight deliveries must be inspected for damage at time of delivery</strong> in a timely manner. All packaging should be inspected for any noticeable signs of damage to include tears, indentations, and friction marks to the packaging. Freight that is delivered on broken pallets, double stacked pallets, or no pallet also may require a thorough inspection. If there are any signs of damage to the packaging, further inspection may be required of the actual freight itself extending beyond the packaging. Do NOT sign the delivery receipt until you have finished inspecting the packaging. All damaged freight must be refused at time of delivery. If damage is minimal and acceptable the consignee will be required to note the damage to the delivery receipt at time of delivery. Please do not discard of pallet or packaging material until both the safe has been determined in good working condition and/or all claim issues have been resolved. When the delivery receipt is signed by the consignee without any notes of exception to the damage it clearly states that the freight has been received by the consignee in good condition. Failure to follow the procedures above will remove all liability of damage from Socal Safe and require the consignee to file any claims against the carrier themselves.

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