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Socal EVRH Depository Fire Safe


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Can your depository safe resist a sledge hammer attack? Our ERVH did and it also has a one hour fire rating. The ONLY one of its kind.

The EVRH is the first depository safe of its kind for retail stores, restaurants, or any business environment. It incorporates the extra protection associated with a high security safe and an activated depository slot. Constructed of a high density composite door and body, this safe offers excellent burglary and fire resistant protection by providing a temporary storage for excess cash throughout the day. Accumulated cash can be transferred through a tamperproof slot into a secured inner compartment as a deterrent to armed robbery and internal theft. Cash management safes act as a convenient and secure way station between the cash drawer and final disposition of daily receipts, whether to a bank, armored car pickup or transfer to a high security safe.


  • Heavy Duty Construction – Body is solid plate steel construction with a 1/2” solid plate steel door.
  • Front-Loading Access – Depositories have a smooth mailbox type mechanism which allows for under counter placement of the safe.
  • Fish-Resistant – International depository safes incorporate an anti-fish baffle to deter a common method of theft where employees and burglars attempt to ”fish” the safe contents through the deposit drawer.
  • Bolt Detent – When the safe door is opened, the chromeplated bolts remain retracted inside the door to prevent damage to the bolts as the door is closed.
  • Auto Lock Feature – When the door is fully closed, the locking bolts automatically extend in the safe body, locking the door.
  • Standard Locking Devices – UL-listed Group II combination locks and single or double nose keylocks are the standard choices for Cash Management safes. All locks are protected by a drill-resistant hardplate.
  • Relocker – All locking mechanisms are equipped with a spring-loaded device that disables the safe during a forced entry.
  • Anchor Holes – For extra security, each safe has a minimum of two built-in anchor holes for bolting the safe to the floor.
  • Security Installation Platform (SIP) bolts to floor and safe offering supreme anti-theft security


  • Exterior Dimensions: 28"(H) x 21"(W) x 23½"(D)
  • Weight: 625 lbs

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