Hollon Safe HDS-1000E Data Safe


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One hour fire protection for your sensitive media including video tapes, flash drives and digital tapes. Items are also protected from sprinklers and humidity.


  • One-hour fire protection for media products (CDs, USB, External Hard Drives, ect.)
  • Fire rating- 1832°F outside, 125°F interior
  • No center bolt down hole
  • Two removable shelves
  • Electronic digital lock
  • Protects against sprinklers, water, and humidity
  • Made in the USA (with American and global parts)


  • Exterior Dimensions 36 1/2"(H) x 23"(W) 5/8" x 21"(D)
  • Interior Dimensions 25"(H) x 12 3/4" (W) x 9 14"(D)
  • Weight 535 Lbs.

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